About us

Hi there I am Jo Baylis AKA Jojo B! My background is in design, spending most of my career as a bathroom and spatial designer. I have always been an avid crafty and love all things creative.

I love making and finding beautiful things and now i can share them all with you!  I sourse my components from all around the globe and put them together in my Hawkes Bay Studio.

Nearly all of our earring hooks with the exception of a few are Stainless Steel  and therefore great if you have sensitive ears.  

Our earrings are affordable and that means you can have a pair for every outfit, we are always bringing in new styles to keep up with the latest clothing trends.

Jojobee is now available in a number of retailers across the country!  Watch this space and we will share a list of our retailers .  In the mean time touch base and we can let you know where your local Jojobee retailer is,